Soul Labyrinth Demo v1.0 Available

Hi Internet Void,

It's been a few months since I've been active on  I've been working on my first game jam.  Truthfully, I had hoped to join a team as an artist to get some experience but since no one was interested in adding me to their project, I decided to start my own.  Due to the theme of the jam and the scope of my project, I decided to focus on Jou's Route with the Vassal Reith.  I estimate that the demo takes about 1 hour for the first play through and I think it gives the player a good idea of what I am striving for.  I hope those of you who have been following my work up to this point can see notable improvements, as I believe I've really grown in the last 8 weeks as a creator.  All thanks to those who were supporting me!  If you are interested in seeing my process, please check out my youtube series, where I made a weekly blog about it.

A special thanks to:

Zeil who helped me refactor and improve the code, as well fix my object classes, program inventory and maps, and exterminate bugs.  What a life and project saver!  I feel like I have a manageable foundation to build the rest of my game that will be so much more organized than in the past.

Leporine who edited the dialogue for the demo.  I learned so much from her concise and thorough notes.  And this is coming from a native English speaker, who naively thought they could speak and write, lol!

Maggie who contributed the artwork for the prologue.  It really helps with opening narrative and I just adore these renditions of my characters.

Kerry who contributed music and sound.  I loved the music she composed for Soul Union so much, I couldn't help but use some of them again when it was fitting.

And special thanks to my friends who encourage me.

Amy, Matt, Mel, Koren, and Chip- Thanks for putting up with me <3

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Jun 26, 2021
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Jun 26, 2021

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