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RPG/Exploration/VisualNovel  Fantasy Adventure Romance 

Welcome, Transient One . Brought forth from another world and free of the gods, you alone hold the key to granting a person's deepest desire . If  this person happens to be a villain, will you indulge their dark side or try to change their fate?

(Content Warning: Some descriptions of violence, death, and other toxic behaviors that this creator does not condone. Contains some mature themes not suitable for young children.)

Current Release: Full Version 1.55 ( 11/10/23):  Edits: Corrected minor bug and enhanced battle dice/text.  (See Devlog for Details) 

Missions 1-6: Solwel Dungeons, Scattered Forest, Bonding with Vassals, Preparation for War, Battle for Brookhaven, The Aftermath + 15 Endings (150k+ words)

Romance-able Characters: Mikaylis the Noble Cavalier, Jeth the Swift Ender and Deita the Great Seer. 

Bond levels available 1-6 for Jeth, Mikaylis, Deita, 1-4 for Miyetta, Beileph and  all Common Units.

First Half of the game development began  for OtomeJam  2023.  An alternate reality version of  https://coffeedripstudios.itch.io/arcane-dice-wars.

Created (Writing, Art and Programming) by Jen Lee Quick @ wulfmune@gmail.com

Sound Design | Music by  Kerry Cobuccio https://www.cobuccio.com/

Copy Editing by Jade Rose aka De'Gloughan @ https://itch.io/profile/degloughan

Some Other used Assets Include:

Music: https://www.purple-planet.com

Music used from https://www.FesliyanStudios.com

free sound effects from https://www.fesliyanstudios.com

sound effects from https://pixabay.com/sound-effects/

Engine: https://www.renpy.org/

NVL phone texting screens used modified Nighten’s phone text code https://nighten.itch.io/yet-another-phone-renpy

Special Thanks for the Voice Actors | Good Friends (I had so much fun~):

Austin Conner 

Melody Lutz  

Tiana Mudzimurema 

Chad Rajski 

Scott Sandberg 

Dale Strombeck 

Lindsay Taylor

Matt Wynn

Special Thanks to Playtesters | Editors (Your contribution was invaluable!):

CrazyCowLady @ https://twitter.com/NotHackEuropa


V. @ https://twitter.com/lunillum

"Rita" CT (Incudo)

Ekkoberry @ https://itch.io/profile/ekkoberry

Itchiopizza @ https://itch.io/profile/itchiopizza

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Visual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAmare, Dating Sim, Fantasy, isekai, josei, JRPG, LGBTQIA, Otome, Romance
Average sessionAbout an hour


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(12 edits) (+1)

hii after playing a while ı wanna share my thoughts... but ı kinda ended up writing too much haha sorry :')

for anyone who didnt play the game this comment has some spoilers in it please dont read it ıf you dont want to get spoiled! 

Hello! ı actually wanted to comment after finishing all the endings but after only managing to finish 2 endings and getting emotional bit too much ı decided to taking this game slow is better option than rushing. Well overall the story is great! although ıt seems like there is no escape from dark content in this game. I really did my best to convince both sides (temple or anyone and crown) yet failed every time (ı remember that ı had to walk over forest maps soo many times since ı didnt know where to go and forgot the examine the area only to watching things goes to fight again :')) ı couldnt help but feel sad. for now ı only managed to get jeths ending and brookhaven ending( well this is the name ı gave to that route .. saving brookhaven with no pendants) and ıt seems like no matter what ı do, there will be always a side will get crushed (assuming that transient one will win all the battles stubbornly like ı do haha) well ı guess except the brookhaven ending is actually not too bad? ıf we not consider MC is getting caught and probably will end in horrifying situation, before we arrive things were getting better so ı guess doing brookhaven route then returning to our world is actually best ending for the world we ended up in. 

ıf ı would try to talk about characters :

jeth: well he was my first choice for route since he looked mysterious and clever so ı thought his route would be interesting. but as ı play my view towards this character was like.. first ıt went high since he looked like he listens MC very well and try to follow their path to getting very low with his our returning back ending (everything was going good until ı read the prison part... woow ı still have chills about this) and in the end my view about him hit the bottom with how he treated the MC ıf ı choose to refuse him (yea ı wasnt expecting him to hurt the person he actually ''loves'')  so ım soo glad that ı actually played his route first for the sake of story because ı doubt that ı would pick him ıf ı knew his attidute towards chaarcters changes the moment ı choose to stay away from him.

also jeths route and all those ''starting all over'' endings made me feel like the only reason ı got this much attention and love was just because of aura not because of myself (ouch XD). but ı guess ıf ı wasnt have strong aura (given by developers) ı would probably end up in prison or be a great weight to Deita..

Mikaylis: ı havent played his route yet but thanks to brookhaven ending ı kind of know that he has some temper... haha but he still manages to control himself (well he could have crushed me after literally bending the prison bars) ı also liked how he kept doing his best in jeth's route too telling me to come to him in any time. So my view for him for now is pretty positive and ı do hope playing his route too hoping that the bitterness in his route's ending wont be too bad haha.. 

Deita: ı was actually trying to ge tinto her route which ı couldnt and ended up having brookhaven ending. well ı am glad ı actually did since ı got some cute time with all other characters and ım happy about this. ı will try to get her though.. even ı feellike ı will have hard time XD (since she doesnt appear on battles except first times..)

well ıf ı would talk about other characters seeing Lor in prison was so sad.. ı actually wanted to save him but after learning he went crazy and other characters didnt let me to approach him ı decided to give up sadly. but in brookhaven ending seeing him doing well and staying with me and even wanting it ( ı think ı kinda know the reason why :')) made me so happy same goes with other characters. depending on the ending how their reactions towards me changes anger or discontent to loyalty and happiness. ı was actually happy to be on their good side.. though ı couldnt find a way to happy ending for all (either there is not or ı simply overlook the key points haha...) 

I also would love mention about ''gods'' or more likely developers.

when Deita asked my opinion about how the ''gods'' in their world and saying that she trust that gods care for their creations in their own way. ı couldnt help but give it a thought since developers are actually have pretty strong role in this game even though ıt doesnt seems like first. 

If she would have asked me this in my first hours of playing ı would obviously say ''ı dont trust them'' thinking how Ruwin and others' life are messed up and no matter how much ı struggle game continues to be cruel towards other side. but after getting several ending for each route (ı tried all 3 options) ı noticed something and that perhaps most likely to be safest ending for everyone was returning the home end. well since ı didnt play all endings ı cant say for sure but ı can clearly remember how my confidently clicking ''thats not fair!'' slowly turned into being hesitant about doing it. because whenever these developers warn me and ı dont listen something either ı dont want or dark happens especially ıf ı insist as keep being transient one. at first things seem perfectly normal and sweet but then something horrible happens in the end. after realizing this ı actually decided to click on ''I trust the gods'' option since not listening their suggests and warnings casually led either MC or people of that world experience painful/bad events.  also them saying our MC came in that world because they wanted to develop the game further (event though the way they brought MC is questionable..)  makes this point stronger. actually ı cont help but fear from how original game will end up about this topic :') ı cant help but think '' will it be bitter ıf ı try to continue living in the world developers cerated in original game too? ''

overall ı feel like jumping from original game into this one was a bit mistake for me. for now the original game is pretty much having a light and hopeful nature (which ı hope that wont change but ı also accept ıf ıt will) while this game is alot more bitter. but ı think feeling this bitterness only shows how strong and good story is! thank you for all the efforts for everyone for this amazing game! ı really do love all the detailed world, story and characters you create :)

and thank you for anyone who read this commend until the very end ı know ı write too much so yes.. thank you  ^^;;


Hi JustaOnegirl,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this side game! You raised a lot of good points and insights that I wanted to respond to so I will preface that this will also have spoilers! 


Yes there is darkness and bitterness in this version of events that isn't in the main game. This is a 'cursed' timeline. The reason why Deita feels so guilty during the whole game is because she knows it would've been better  for everyone if she had "let the MC go" and get taken to the dungeons in the beginning but she couldn't help herself from wanting to spend more time with the MC regardless.

As you pointed out, the reason why the "gods" brought the MC to this world was to develop their creation. In this case with the addition of 'free will' to determine if and how much freedom to give the people in order to maximize their happiness without recreating the mistakes of the past.

What separates the Villain's side from the main game is that the Villains all use the Transient's One's potential freedom to ultimately double down on their most defining traits/desires. Jeth- irreverence/ambition, mikaylis- protectiveness/insecurity, deita- insight/dodginess. Verses in the main game the companions utilize the 'freedom' to develop and grow in a new way. 

Therefore the gods may be less opposed to the Transient One staying in the world if their creations are developing in a positive way. The bitter endings of this game are not intended/planned to be directly mirrored in the main game. 

(1 edit) (+1)

I've enjoyed the game. The pacing was a bit too slow or too fast in some places, but overall it was an interesting story with complex characters. The art style and BGM are also great. I've only got 4 endings yet, but I'll start a new run soon. It also looks really interesting from a programming perspective. I know how to program "boring" stuff in java and I was looking into learning python for some other work-related activities. But after playing this game I'm thinking maybe I should also learn it for hobby-related "fun" activities.

Thanks for the game :)

Hi Zang, Thanks for giving my game a try and I'm glad you were able to enjoy it overall. The pacing issue is a fair critique that I'll try to be more mindful of going forward. I hope you have fun exploring programming something more "fun"! Best wishes~

I'm trying to run the game, but nothing is working. I tried re-downloading, extracting it differently. Nothing is working, anyone got any suggestions?

Hi Lady_Miyu I'm sorry it's not working for some reason. What type of OS are you using? PC(windows), MacOS or Linux? Are you getting any type of message?


Hi, I found a bug. The game crashes during the level 3 bonding chat with Water Priest and gives this error:

TypeError: %c requires int or char

Changing the “Seldom can anything be said with 100% certainty” line to “with absolute certainty” fixed the issue. It looks like the game doesn't understand that "% c" is a string of text.


Hi Itchiopizza,

Thank you again for taking the time to find, report and fix another bug! I'd like to put you in the credits as a a way of showing my appreciation. How would you like to be credited? If you don't have any preference, can I just put Itchiopizza ? Thank you again very much!


Sure, thanks! Itchiopizza is fine.


You did it! Congratulations for all your hard work! *high five*


and Thank you so much for all of your work finding my grammar errors everywhere! And thank you for the drawing! I love this depiction of Miyetta! Who doesn't love a tsundere Queen? 


congratulations I have a good time playing this game. But is there any walkthrough? I have a little hard to to figuring out some ending

Hi there ursweetalks,

Thanks for giving my game a try and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it so far, Here's a link to a quick quide I typed up. Let me know if you have any further questions. Some of the endings are just variations.

ADW:VH Endings Guide (Spoliers)


hello!! i really loved this game!!

i only played deita's route so far but i loved it so much! she's such a good mix of being very forward but also really cute in the way that makes you want to take care of her...... the scene where we get to sleep in the same room almost made my heart explode...

i'm so excited to play through the other routes! jeth is hilarious, and mikaylis really grew on me. the scene where he punched the wall made me go "woah!". he seems like the kind of guy who has a quiet but very immense rage building.... so i found myself really wanting to know more. maybe this is a dangerous point of mine QAQ

i loved the gameplay sooo so much!! the dice stuff is so fun. it was so funny when we were first learning the type/class matchups. we would have a really sub-optimal team but still try to stick it out to the end, and it got so intense cheering for the units to win. i love dungeon crawler games too so this was everything!!!

when i took a step back i realized that all of my favs were the water units. maybe it was because their high levels of emotions made them really funny?? i think i met with waterrogue and he told me that i was giving him good luck so he was gonna go gamble. then the next morning i relaxed in my room and i had a letter from him asking for money. i laughed so hard that my stomach hurt. i want to give him pocket money. the little interactions you could have with these units really enhanced the experience. i really liked waterknight and of course deita and my assistant watermage too ^_^

i am sooooo excited for future updates!!!! i want to play ADW in the meantime to see more of watermage!!!! please keep up the amazing work!!!! and here is fanart i drew ;_;


Aww your MC is so cute! And I love the blue ribbon, is that symbolic of team water? The Muppet version of Lor is so funny and I'm pleased to know that a common unit was able to make a memorable impression! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely art!

 I'm glad to hear you liked the dungeon crawls and combat along with the story. Some of my favorite games are story heavy games with combat and exploration to help with that precious character bonding. I hope you got some lucky rolls and turned the tables! 

(2 edits) (+2)

one of my absolute favs alongside ADW .

like the original, i really can’t praise the unique gameplay, well-written characters, music, art and overall story enough !! 

it just immediately draws you in, and it was a lot of fun getting to know the villains and seeing an alternative what-if storyline being explored so thoroughly. the way it mirrors the arcs of the original, while showcasing completely different dynamics with our boys from ADW, was also such a treat. I felt so bad at times making an enemy out of them, when I previously was romancing them in the other one lmao :,))

speaking about romance, I was pleasantly surprised by the much faster pace and the way they were the ones taking the initiative. their possessive, overly affectionate way of showing their adoration was such a drastic (and very much enjoyable ) change from the sweet slow-burn from ADW. 
Although I’ve admittedly only romanced Jeth so far, I really savored each and every scene with him, yearning for more each time they ended . the way you write is just too delicious and heart-fluttering !! plus , he’s such a charming and intriguing character that I ended up not caring about the red flags at all haha. other than him my most liked character was Deita, my absolute sweetheart (and unexpectedly a simp like the others lolll) . 

the way you approached each characters design and personality is another aspect I admire - although some might share an element or class (and the accompanying traits with it ) , they all still retain complexity and differ from each other . like Jeth and Samuel both embodying traits of the air element while also having completely different values and approaches ! loved reading about each class and element and going like ‘ wow it fits so well with this character ! ‘ hehe .

overall I can’t express my love and respect for both you and this game enough , such an creative concept done well . expect to see some fanart soon ! <33


Hi Blucherri,

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about this project. I'm glad you enjoyed both versions of ADW as it was fun for me as a writer to explore the characters from both sides of the aisle. Just curious but what did you think of the limited voice acting? It's also my first time working with voices and my friends are pretty busy so I tried not to overburden them with too many lines. I had so much fun with them that I'm thinking of incorporating voices in my future projects as well. 

The element and faction personality traits were something that I came up with after creating the rock-paper-scissors battle system to give me something to focus character stories around. I don't usually work with such a large cast of characters, so it was a useful tool for me to reference to keep individual characters distinctive and thankfully worked out great with the worldbuilding and story as well. 

And...! If you do make fanart, please share with us here! I would absolutely love it!


apologies for the late reply , i had some pretty busy weeks :,)

and I’d be happy to share my thoughts! 

i personally found the voice acting to be a great addition to the game - they fit the characters really well and are just a nice touch to have while playing through scenes or using abilities . the only qualm I really have is that at times , Miyetta and mykalis voice lines are a bit too quiet over the music . it makes it hard to understand what they’re saying during fights . besides that though , I’m all for including voice acting in any future projects !! ^^

I also finally got some fanart ready ! of course I had to draw my fav red flag lol . 

( planning ADW fanart next hehe)


Oooh I love it! These depictions of Jeth are so on point! Thank you so much for making time for these drawings and sharing~ And your comment on the voice acting is very helpful! I'll see if I can tweak Miyetta and Mikaylis voices. Hope you have some time to finally relax and enjoy yourself after having busy weeks. Best Wishes <3

(1 edit) (+3)

Slight disclaimer that I have yet to play ADW so these are my thoughts on the experience going in blind! From my understanding this is a bit of a streamlined experience compared to ADW? I'm not sure how heavily it's recommended to play the ADW first, but I didn't have any trouble understanding anything and I really enjoyed it a LOT as a standalone experience!  

I'm the kind of player to make a bee-line for/singularly focus on the character I'm interested in, so in my playthrough I think I managed to completely avoid playing toxic boyfriend simulator as Jeth was lovely LOL  (at least for now-- I'm sure those dreams don't mean ANYTHING forboding at all! )

The battle mechanics were a lot of fun! I love seeing renpy being used for more advanced things and a whole dice battle system is really inspiring! 

It took me a little while to understand the power of mono-colored teams and I was trying to play an overly complicated game of matching each unit in my team to their optimal counterpart which in some cases wasn't possible/contradicted other units (eg. (a certain) air rouge fighting against a team with an earth priest, but also a fire knight didn't always go so well) but the option to fail and try again gave me the room to experiment so it wasn't too stressful.

Highly recommended! I'll be waiting excitedly for the next update! And in the meantime I'll be making sure to play ADW and the other routes of VH! <333


Hi Ekkoberry,

Glad to hear you enjoyed everything so far. And I purposefully tried to make it so you don't have to play the original ADW to play this game.  I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed the combat system, as it's my first attempt doing something like this. I had hoped to make it something that would "add" to the story and characters. I hope you don't mind me linking to your fanart of Jeth because I love it so much! Ahh~ Thank you!



I'll (also) post it directly! Please consider this my argument for his route for anyone considering it hehe



Great game and I very much appreciate that it's much faster paced over ADW in regards to reaching bond levels. Very useful for me when I had to reset because I didn't realise I had a select amount of time to raise loyalty for characters and ended up missing unrequired bond events.

Favourite character so far is Jeth the bad ender/the walking red flag because if I'm playing on the villain's team then I'm going for the most villainous of the three LIs! Not salty at all that he killed me twice because I wanted to be rebellious, or that he slashed me up/wanted to attack when I declined his advances because I wanted to check out Mikaylis and Deita. And hot damn does he know how to run hot and cold with the MC, when he's happy he's ecstatic and overly affectionate and when he isn't, well... What an utterly toxic piece of work - I love it. Absolutely looking forward to seeing what end I get with Jeth; I assume it will be morally terrible and I'm so into that. If it isn't as bad as I expect, well, I look forward to the surprise!

Btw, I noticed the slight design change on Deita! It's much more obvious that she's water compared to the original ADW with the multicoloured beads in her hair and on her collar. Still forming an opinion on her, she seems likable enough. For me at least, her personality isn't as strong as the other characters in the game, including the non LIs. I understand why, however. She's a good person stuck in an impossible situation, trying to survive now she's served her purpose, treading a fine line to be a good influence and not overreaching. It makes sense to me that she has to subdue herself and play the long game. Again, I look forward to seeing her endings now she's taking a more 'active' and stronger role at the end of the war prep.

Mikaylis seems sweet (compared to Jeth... which honestly is a terrible frame of reference for anyone). He's a bit needy but that's understandable. Maybe it's because I'm comparing him to the others in AVH but he doesn't seem that bad, like he's only there because he wants to support his sister and uphold the law. I was glad to see that he gets jealous when MC favours Jeth/goes to the forest because until then it seemed that he was too passive. I mean, he does admit that's how he wants to stand out but come on man, don't be a doormat!

I do miss that this doesn't have friend events but I do see why these are missing from both a technical and plot point of view. These characters are obsessive; capable of being suffocatingly possessive and cloyingly sweet depending on the favour shown by the MC that friendship simply doesn't/cannot satisfy their wants and desires. Also for you that's a hell of a lot more work and I don't blame you for giving that a hard nope.

Also, I have spelling corrections to give but you don't have an errors page here like ADW does so I wasn't sure what to do. I thought it would be best to ask, should I post them here or do you have a different different preference to receive them?

I haven't found everything (not that your work is riddled with mistakes!), and I only record them as and when I find them - and stopped when I reached the war prep for reasons I have since forgotten. Basically, I haven't been actively looking but would be happy to do so if you'd like/find helpful?

Wish you all the best!

(1 edit)

Hi De'Gloughan,

Thank you again for all of your feedback. I'm glad you are liking the changes and I plan on applying a lot of what I learned from this project to the original ADW once this is done. It's such a treat to read your insights on my characters. Glad you enjoyed Jeth's murdering and love bombing in stride. He's more irrevent than malicious anyway. I'm under the impression that you read several of the different dialogue choices? If so, it's nice to know someone is looking at the characters so thoroughly.

Please feel free to share the mistakes you found  in whichever way is easiest for you. Either post here or email me at wulfmune@gmail.com


I do prefer to read as many dialogue choices as I can because they let me know 1. a little more about the character or 2. that the author isn't too interested in in variation in dialogue. It's always a treat for me when I see a different response but that is because I enjoy reading. So naturally I want to give my appreciation that you go to such lengths for your projects.

I will email you the list because of the length and I don't want to clog up the comments page here.


Hellloo, I finished playing the demo, and I have to say it was an enjoyable experience. I loved the fact that u made it easier to get bond levels. I don't really know how to feel about the villains but, I do like the fact that we learning more about the villains and what would've happened if the queen accepted us if she didn't throw us away lol. I can say with a firm heart that I now want to beat them all up except Deita she is a cinnamon roll we and Lor most protect her plus her skill op too. I did meet some bugs, after meeting the first boss and defeating him (i cri), his introduction dialogue came up again, Idk if its intentional but I also get a bond event with the water knight (saying we freed him). Am also excited to see what unfolds in the story of the baddies, I'm also curious if we will get a ending where we dethrone the queen with our chosen LI though I doubt the knight would do it but the other 2 would def. Thanks for making the game.

Hi Xzrono, thanks for checking out this side game! I'm glad you enjoyed the experience overall. I've been trying to recreate the bug you mentioned, but haven't been able to. I don't suppose you would be able to give me more details? Did the Mission Log tell you to report to the Queen after you defeated the first boss? Also I thank you for reporting the waterknight dialogue. (I tried to revise the bond chats from the original that wouldn't make sense but I guess I missed that one.)


Tried recreating the bug, but  Im delusional  couldnt proc it, I was probably seeing things sorry for making u go on a wild goose chase, but just to clarify I could still progress and talk to the queen but all I saw was him talking again after beating him so it was fine.


I got the dialogue bug with the first boss too. It happens if you find all the clues before talking to him for the first time.

I think it happens because of this typo in the file dungeon_35:

if prisoner_clue4 == "resolve" (this should be "resolved" instead)


Oh thank you so much! You are 100% correct! I will add that to my list of fixes.


I finally finished playing the demo of Arcane Dice wars, and i LOVED IT, im so excited to play this one and meet jeth, i hope to see more of both of the games! have a good day :

hi Dam, thank you so much for giving my games a try and I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed ADW so far. I'm planning on finishing villains heart first since it's a shorter project and then going back to improve+expand ADW. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this one as I think I've made some good improvements that I want to bring over to the original game. Best wishes!


This is not your usual Visual Novel Game. This is a work of art for any Python programmer. Map System + Room System + RPG System + Animations. I'm proud of how Wulfmune has improved. Much love!


wah! Thank you so much Zeil! I learned so much working with you in 2021 jam. I still fall back on messy solutions, so I can't really think of myself as a programmer, but I am super flattered by your comment <3 thanks again so much for checking out my work and best wishes!


i wasn't able to play the whole demo yet, but so far it has been such an amazing and extraordinary experience!! the art, writing, music, sounds and voices are all so well done. there's not a single thing i don't like about that game (maybe loosing hurts a little, but i'm just a sore loser lmao). english is not my first language, so i lack of words, but i really enjoyed playing it and i'm grateful that i was able to experience "A Villain's Heart". i will definitely come back for more, good luck!!<3


Thank you for your kind words T_T it really means a lot to me. I think I broke my brain in last couple weeks so your words healed me. Bless your heart. <3


hi! i just attempted to save and it says "an exception has occurred there are no valid save locations", otherwise the game looks really cool so far

Hi there, I am very sorry to hear you ran into this problem. I'm afraid that I've never run into this on Mac or PC. I tried looking for some solutions online based on the error message you have recieved. 

The first thing to check is to see if you have permission to write to the folder where the save directory is location. 

From here you can try these following solutions:

Try to see if there was an issue with the intial installment/directory:

1) Delete the Game Folder
2) Delete your saves they are usual in your /user/ folder
3) Re-Extract the game into a New Folder

4)Try making a new save file from the start.

It seems there was an issue with a Ren'Py game having issue in this thread which I don't know might also be a possible issue?https://itch.io/t/738641/no-valid-save-location

Also found this solution of setting the path for the save files manually if you are using Windows.

  1. Go to the folder where your game was extracted, right-click the ADWVillainsHeart.exe.exe file
  2. Select "Send to->Desktop (Create Shortcut)". This will create a shortcut for the game in your Desktop.
  3. Then, once created, right-click the shortcut, select Properties
  4. Click the Shortcut tab
  5. Then put the --savedir "{savepath}" directory in your directive after the target path in the Target field. For example, if you're saving it in the C:\GameSaves\ folder, you should add --savedir "C:\GameSaves" to it.
  6. Run the game through the shortcut.

The game is long enough that I would not expect anyone to play it without saving ): I hope one of these solutions works for you. Thanks for trying out my game and feel free to write more details of the issue you are having if you want me to try and find more solutions.



Thank you Zeil! <3<3<3 Good to see you and all the best wishes for you~