ViraLife is a community project lead by the staff at St.Joseph Public Library as a part of our summer program 2020: "Telling your Story in Code- Learn Python making a game script."

A video tutorial is available at our YouTube channel:

Participants will create a scenario for a collective game about daily life during the pandemic called "ViraLife".  Entries should be mailed to by July 1, 2020.  

Session 1 June 17th  6pm-7pm (Zoom Meeting ID: 944 4638 5005): Learn about where to start getting into game design and programming. Q+A welcome.

Session 2 July 1st 6pm-7pm (Zoom Meeting ID: 943 1704 9982): Learn about how to use an SDK to add visual and audio elements to a text game. Q+A welcome.
Participation in Live Online sessions is encouraged but not required to submit an entry to ViraLife. 

For more details visit our website at

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