Soul Union v4.3 12/27/20 +Dev Preview

Hi Internet void,

Ver. 4.3 Added:

  • Added some minor dialogue changes to all chapters/relationship routes. 
  • Fixed buggy code with relationship routes.
  • Fixed a few errors in code in ch.4
  • Added new original music tracks for Ch1. Garden, Noctisse flashbacks, and Keska's route.

I wanted to include a video to share some of my plans for 2021 and my current work on the epilogues.  Please skip if you want to avoid spoilers.

Thanks again so much for the showing interest in my game.  I'm very excited and motivated going into the final chunk of story and have been able to work on it everyday since Christmas.  I hope to keep to this schedule going into the  New Year.

Best Wishes for 2021 everyone!

<3 Jen

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