A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Explore the soul labyrinth, develop a friendship or romance, and collect clues in this stat raising fantasy adventure visual novel.  Choose your path and decisions carefully as the journey to enlightenment is filled with mystery and danger. 

Union Soul takes place in a world of elves and magic.  It tells the story of cynical magic weaver named Ilyon.  After volunteering to undergo an unknown ritual, he awakes to find himself trapped in a manifestation of his own psyche, his soul labyrinth.  Thankfully he is not alone, as his teacher prepared a stranger to serve as his vassal.  Using power, empathy and logic, he must confront the deepest unknown parts of himself if he is to successfully escape.

* Shape the protagonist's personality through numerous dialogue choices that build power, empathy and logic traits.  Each trait is equally viable and will lead to different resolutions.  

* View and re-do choices to customize your story progression to your liking.  No hidden consequences that require you to go back and replay the entire game to achieve the results you want. 

* Freely explore and revisit locations to find clues and unlock story using a map screen.  Each of the four chapters have distinctly unique maps and environments.

* Characters come to life with 10 different animations, including close-up, expressive portraits.

* Develop a friendship or romance bond with one of four vassals.  Different bonds and different traits unlock special dialogue banter, extra scenes and endings.

Current Version is v3. 1 (10/18/2020)

Chapter 1-3 with Thief and Bard choices available (See Devlog for details)

Development began in January 2020.

Created (Writing, Art and Programming) by Jen Lee Quick : wulfmune@gmail.com

I am a full-time working mom.  I am also an adoptee.  This is a free passion project.  

Built using Ren'Py :  https://www.renpy.org/

 Placeholder Music is Royalty Free Music from https://www.purple-planet.com

***Special Thanks to My Talented and Generous Friends***:

Sound Designer and Music Composer: Kerry Cobuccio https://www.cobuccio.com/

Music Composer: Matt Wynn Spotify

Copy Editor: Amy Kim Kibuishi http://felaxx.blogspot.com/

Install instructions

Windows 10- download and unzip. Run .exe file.

MacOS- download and unzip.  Open from finder and right click .exe file to open.  If it still blocks unknown publisher, go to security and permissions to click "Open Anyway" button.

Linux- I don't have a linux system so I cannot test this build.


SoulUnion-3.1-win.zip 399 MB
SoulUnion-3.1-mac.zip 398 MB
SoulUnion-3.1-linux.tar.bz2 392 MB

Development log

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I love all the musical choices and subtle animations that bring this story to life!

The choices you're given feel very open-ended and there's a consistent feeling of wonder and mystery established from the very start. It makes you want to keep delving deeper into the intriguing world of the game. 

I'll definitely be following this project as it develops <3

Thank you so much for trying my game!  Your feedback means a lot to me.   I have been building things up for awhile, so I am looking forward to drawing the conclusion.  I hope it will be satisfying.


I like your presentation, except that all but one of the game’s screenshots have been uploaded in a rather small resolution. While I can still zoom them in my browser I wish I didn’t have to. Furthermore, less experienced surfers and cruisers of the internet, who might be only interested in the games, might not know how to.


Hi Wechenbetelly, 

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.  It's a bit odd, because I could have sworn I just did a screen capture the same way from the same computer each time.  I just assumed that was the way itch.io displayed the images.  I will try to correct this issue when I have time tomorrow.  Thanks again so much for your input!


That was a fast response. :)

I hope you can get that sorted out without much effort, but just in case: There is a well-received guide on itch that describes… I think pretty much everything that there is to know in that regard - I think… I’m not publishing anything on itch myself right now so I’ve only glossed over it so far. Just to make that clear: I’m not suggesting you would need it, but in case you would want to have a look, there is already a link to the guide on my creator page. (I would feel guilty about just plastering the link here.)


Hi Again,

Thanks for your advice. I tried to reload images and have tested on two different devices and I believe the issue should be resolved. Let me know if you have any more suggestions or notice any issues.  Thanks!