Soul Union Dev 10-23-2021

Hi Internet Void,

It's been awhile. Hopefully will have more updates to my projects in the near future.

Here's what's new:

  • Bug fixes with wrong sprites displayed, Keska romance route bug fixed and some spelling and grammar errors found and fixed.
  • New original music tracks from Kerry for Chapter 2 and Chapter 4!
  • Remastered versions of Ilyon's theme, Keska's theme and Mikail's theme.
  • Various new conditional text added to chapters 1-3 based on Ilyon's highest trait (power, empathy, logic)

Future complete rework of the game on the horizon!

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AN UPDATE!!!! Perfect occasion to replay for the 5th time xD Very excited to hunt for the new bits of text!!! And everyone's remastered themes!!!

Edit: I plan to start a new game altogether, but out of curiosity, will our old saves still be accessible?


Hi again RamiKoh!

Yes your old saves should still work! None of the older scripts have moved or disappeared. Just added text in a few places to hopefully give Ilyon's customized personality a wee bit more flavor. It always seems like a lot on my end because there's 6 options for every 1 line but I wonder if the player will notice XD;; I apologize in advance if it's not much.