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Follow the misadventures of a righteous knight, an impetuous rogue and a ruthless witch.  Disclaimer: This story is a bit cheeky, queer and completely unscientific.


Witchsquarry_ch02.pdf 147 MB
Witchs_Quarry_ch01.pdf 153 MB

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That cliffhanger !

The characters are a bit cliché (serious driven heroine & clumsy sidekick & mysterious/scheming group leader), but the circumstance are definitively original, i'm very much looking for what comes next ^^

...For educated people, they seem oblivious to the fact they could just ask for a bit of sperm instead of asking the lengthy marriage thing :<


This was a fun read! I especially like the panel layouts. The worldbuilding left me curious about where future hypothetical volumes would be headed ^^


Glad to hear you had fun with it! I do have some world stuffs, like maps, historical and cultural notes that I'm planning to add to future chapters. Info that shouldn't be mandatory for following the comic, but you may find it interesting. Thanks so much~



thanks for taking a look!


Love it! <3

Aww thanks Emmy!

Long time no chat! Hope 2022 treats you well! <3<3<3